Used Forklifts Melbourne

Industry Leading Forklift Models

Choose from our extensive collection of pre-owned forklifts, featuring top-tier brands and models from the industry. Experience the flexibility of renting without the constraints of long-term contracts or minimum rental durations. Our used forklifts are tailored to meet the demands of any task or location.

Our dedicated service hub, accompanied by a team of expert mobile technicians, solidifies our reputation as Melbourne’s go-to experts for forklift rentals, ensuring your heavy-duty tasks are executed seamlessly.

Our Range Of Used Forklifts

Invest in quality with our reliable forklifts, available in a myriad of sizes and lifting capacities, adept for both indoor and outdoor operations. Rest assured, maintenance and repair services are included in your rental package.

Should you encounter any operational hitches, our responsive team is poised to rectify issues promptly. Our forklift inventory spans heights of 3 to 8 metres and weight capacities from 1 to 16 tonnes.

Our stock includes a diverse range of forklifts, such as diesel, LPG, and electric models. Additionally, we offer counterbalance forklifts, reach forklifts, high lifts, container masts, hand pallet jacks, and walkie stackers. Reach out one of our specialists today to learn more about our range of used forklifts!

Wide Range Of Industry Leading Products

Our range of forklift products are all available for rent and include counter-balance, reach forklift, high lift, container mast, hand pallet jacks and walkie stackers. We also have additional forklift attachments available for hire including safety cages, container ramps, rotators, rotating forks, lifting jibs, and clamps.

Types Of Heights And Tonnage

We have a range of forklift sizes to suit your specific needs with forklift heights available from 3 to 8 metres. We also have forklift tonnage available from 1 to 16 tonnes.

FAQs About Our Used Forklifts

What is the condition of the used forklifts you sell?

All our used forklifts undergo a rigorous inspection and maintenance process to ensure they are in top working condition before being listed for sale. All our forklifts come with a complete factory safety check, condition report, and battery reports for electric models. For enquiries about our forklift range please get in touch with our team today.

What types of used forklifts do you sell?

We stock a diverse range of used forklifts, including diesel, LPG, electric, counterbalance, reach, high lift, container mast, hand pallet jacks, and walkie stackers.

Is financing available for used forklifts?

Flexible payment plans can be arrange for our range of used forklifts. Get in touch with us to learn more on (03) 9768 2345.

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