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Explore our range of forklift tyres, suitable for a variety of makes and models including Hangcha, Hyster, Toyota, Crown, Heli and more. Our tyres are affordable and ready to be fitted anywhere across Melbourne, ensuring minimal downtime to your forklift operation. Whether you’re looking for solid tyres, cushion or non-marketing, our expert team is ready to help you.

How To Select The Right Forklift Tyres?

When deciding on the most suitable forklift tyre, it is important to consider the application and environment that your new or used forklift will be working in day to day. Common considerations can include floor surfaces your forklift is driving on, whether or not you are working primarily indoors or outdoors, and general conditions it is likely to be exposed to (e.g chemical surfaces, wind, rain etc.). For example, non-marking and cushion tyres will generally be more suitable indoors, whereas solid forklift tyres can be easily used across any environment or surface.

Forklift Tyre Type Benefits

solid forklift tyre

Solid Forklift Tyres

These tyres are not filled with air, which ensures they are able to withstand high impact environments, are longer lasting and will not puncture. Although they are built tough, and able to withstand most environments effectively, it is not recommended that these tyres are used on harsh outdoor locations. The ideal surface includes indoor use, or level outdoor working areas.

Shop for our 300 x 15 and 825 X 15 solid forklift tyres.


  • Puncture proof & maintenance free
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Smooth driving and shock absorption
  • Minimal wear & tear over time
  • Easy to replace and fit.
cushion forklift tyre

Cushion Forklift Tyres

These tyres are pressed on tyres, and are most suitable for indoor use such as smooth factory or warehouse surfaces with concrete flooring. Cushion tyres are generally used with internal forklift cushion tyres that transport and carry heavy loads.


  • Excellent traction on smooth & rough surfaces
  • Great handling – perfect for small warehouses
  • Shock absorption and stable handling
  • No punctures or blowout issues
  • Deeper tread ensures a longer lasting lifespan.
non-marking tyre

Non-Marking Forklift Tyres

Suitable for warehouses or working environments that use a smooth concrete or hard indoor floor surface. Designed to have minimal soot in the rubber, ensuring little to no marking. Non-marking tyres are also more heat resistant and will not age quickly. We have a variety of types available including solid and cushion to choose from.


  • Reduced tread markings on the floor
  • Excellent traction on concrete and smooth surfaces
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Suitable for most forklift models.

When Should You Replace Your Forklift Tyres?

Cushion Wear

Cushion forklift tyres should be replaced when the top of the tyre has worn out to the wear line, or you are starting to notice rubber falling off consistently and larger chunks of the tyre. Accidental damage like scraping the tyre on sharp objects can also damage the tyre leading to imbalances in forklift operation – when this occurs it is definitely time to replace the tyre.

Solid Wear

Most solid tyres can generally be used until the rubber has worn down to the wear lines on the tyre. However, if the tyre has encountered damage from an accidental scrape or knock, performance overall will start to falter which can be dangerous. This can also see more fuel used and additional pressure on other parts of the forklift. If you are seeing any of the above signs we recommend replacing the tyres.


When looking to replace non-marking tyres this will generally depend on the type of tyre compound used. If you are unsure on whether or not your non-marking tyres are ready to be replaced please contact our team.

Melbourne Wide Delivery & Servicing

All our forklift tyres, forklifts, and attachments and spare parts are available for Melbourne wide delivery and servicing. Our experienced team of mechanics can also fit your replacement tyres at your location, ensuring your forklift is up and running in no time.

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