High Quality Forklifts Suitable For A Range Of Lifting Applications

Keep your worksite running safely and efficiently with our range of high quality new and second hand forklifts from leading brands including Toyota, Hangcha, Nissan, Mitsubish and Hyster. All our forklifts come with a complete factory safety check, condition report, and battery reports for electric models. For enquiries about our forklift range please get in touch with our team today.

Our New & Used Forklift Range

How Do I Choose The Right Forklift For My Business?

There are many types of new and used forklifts for specific applications from heavy lifting to high reach and easy manoeuvrability. Choosing the most suitable forklift is important as it can impact productivity, downtime and prevent workplace injury. Our expert team can assess your business’ lifting needs, provide advice and suitable options about the different types of new and used fuel powered or battery electric forklifts available.

Why Should I Consider A Secondhand Forklift?

Buying a second hand forklift is a great, affordable solution compared to buying brand new forklift models. All our used and reconditioned models are in a high quality condition, and can be fit with a number of accessories. Our range of second hand forklifts also come with onsite servicing and break down repairs from our team of experienced mechanics.

Petrol, LPG & Diesel Forklifts

For many years, gas and diesel fuelled forklifts have been the industry standard for buying and leasing and are an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. These types of forklifts are great for businesses that need their forklift in constant operation with minimal downtime for refuelling. However, these types of forklifts generally have higher maintenance and fuel costs, compared to maintaining an electric model.

Electric Pallet Jacks

Known for low operating costs and easy maintenance, electric pallet jacks are a suitable solution for most businesses. Due to the electric pallet jacks power sources, these machines are environmentally friendly and significantly quieter compared to LPG, gas and diesel models, making them the perfect addition to any indoor heavy lifting environments. Recharging the battery also costs less than replacing the LPG bottles or filling the tank with petrol or diesel, saving your business time and money in the long run.

Reconditioned Forklift Equipment Range

We also have a large range of second hand equipment available for your forklift, including pallets, reach trucks, stackers, as well as specialised forklifts including 3 & 4 wheel models, container forklifts and rough terrain forklifts. All forklifts that are ex fleet models also come with full service records and log books.

Forklift Delivery Anywhere Across Melbourne

Our team can deliver your new and used forklift to your worksite anywhere across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We are committed to making sure you are able to run your business with the least amount of disruption to productivity as possible.

Dedicated On-site Mechanics And Support Team

With all our new and used forklift models for sale and rental, we provide onsite support for repairs and any modifications required. Our specialist support team can also source any part or attachment, and our service and maintenance packages are included at discounted prices.

FAQs About Our New & Second Hand Forklifts

Is Financing Available For Both New And Used Forklifts?

All our forklifts come with flexible payment options available. Get in touch with us to learn more on (03) 9768 2345.

What Type Of Fuel Do I Need For My Forklift?

Most petrol powered forklifts run on LPG, whereas gas forklifts will have a specific type of unit to use for that model – this can be found on the compliance plate.

Can I Fit Attachments Onto My Forklift?

Yes, most forklifts have the ability to add attachments and accessories. These can include items like forklift safety cages, helping increase your lifting capacity to suit your needs.

Are Electric Forklifts Compatible With Car Batteries?

No, car batteries are not suitable to use in electric forklifts. Forklift batteries are deep cycle – which allows them to be discharged and recharged.

Is It Safe To Use An Electric Forklift In Wet Conditions?

No, most electric forklifts are not designed for wet weather environments. If you require a forklift that needs to be used both indoors and outdoors we recommend a petrol or gas powered forklift model.

Get In Touch With Our Team Today

For more information about our range of new and used forklifts available please contact our experienced team today on 03 9768 2345 or email us at [email protected].