High Quality Forklift Rotators For Sale Or Rent

Improve your warehouse operations and forklift lifting efficiency with a forklift rotator. Rotators enhance the functionality of your forklift by enabling the operator to rotate and empty loads quickly and easily. All our forklift rotators and forklift attachments are available for delivery across Melbourne.

Our Forklift Rotator Range

What Are The Applications For Forklift Rotators?

Forklift rotators are typically used in agricultural, construction, food and beverage and waste management industries. Their flexibility and rotation capabilities make for a great extension to most forklifts, allowing them to quickly and easily pick up and manoeuvre heavy loads such as bins, transfer of food related crates, or equipment needed on industrial job sites.

Features of Our Rotator Range

  • 180 or 360 degrees rotation
  • Capacity ranging from 1.5 tonnes+
  • Continuous rotation in both directions
  • Excellent visibility for drivers.

Safety Benefits

Fitting forklifts with rotators can improve the productivity and operational efficiency of your heavy lifting requirements, as they can complete and transfer products, equipment and waste faster than manual lifting by staff. Their greatest advantage is that they also significantly reduce the risk of injury to your staff on site, by mechanically loading and lifting heavy loads to large heights as required.

Add On Options

All our forklift rotators can also be custom fitted with additional options including side stabilises, forklift side restraints, heavy duty faceplates and more. Our team can source any forklift rotator type, with specific configurations as required.

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