New And Used Forklift Attachments In Melbourne

Located in Dandenong South, our workshop stocks a wide variety of new and used forklift attachments and spare parts. Our experienced mechanics can fit any purchased items to forklifts for customers, following safety best practices. From weight gauges, hydraulic functions, and quick release options we have the right solutions to suit your needs.

Our Forklift Attachment Range

Local Melbourne And Australia Wide Delivery

All our forklift new and used attachments and spare parts can be freighted anywhere Australia wide. We also offer same-day delivery in Melbourne, making sure your operation continues ahead without delay.

Forklift with safety cage

Wide Range Of Industry Leading Forklift Products

With our nationwide network of forklift suppliers at our disposal, we can secure specific product requests when needed. When selecting the right attachment or spare part, you must ensure that your forklift is the correct model.

If we do not have a select part in stock it is not recommended to try and fit a similar part. Attempting to fit incorrect parts to forklifts can result in serious safety issues, as they must be suitable not only for the model but also for the type of load you are lifting.

What Must You Check Before Using A Forklift Attachment?

All forklift attachments must correctly adhere to Work Health and Safety Regulations. It is advised that all attachments and spare parts are fitted by a trained professional. Our range of forklift attachments has supplier plaques to confirm manufacturer dates and safe working load limits. These are also accompanied by documentation with operating instructions and safety precautions.

Contact Our Experienced Team

For more information about our range of forklift attachments and spare parts please contact our specialist team today on (03) 9768 2345 or email us at [email protected].