Secure Your Workplace With A Superior Quality Safety Cage

A forklift safety cage provides a work platform which is safe and secure, and is designed to be lifted and manoeuvred by forklifts or even cranes (depending on the work being conducted) to those hard-to-reach places in warehouses, factories, construction sites, and even residential homes, where ladders, scaffolding, and other lifting devices may not be suitable and compliant to set up.

Our Safety Cage Range

Forklift with safety cage

Suitable For Short-Term Tasks

Our safety cages are referred to our customers for what is considered “occasional use”, which is directed at short-term tasks in warehouses and factories such as maintenance work, picking and shifting stock, or other manual tasks requiring being elevated to risky or dangerous heights.

Keep Your Staff & Operation Safe

Even if the task being undertaken is short-term and at a lower height, your safety and the staff around your working space is imperative and will require a licensed forklift operator to handle the operating of this heavy machinery and it’s attachments.

Australia Standard AS2359

Working with heavy and dangerous materials requires a safety cage which is compliant with Australian Standard AS 2359, which ultimately specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture, marking and testing of powered industrial trucks and their attachments.

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