Keep Your Workplace Moving With Our High Quality Forklift Clamps & Grabbers

From increasing operational efficiency, to keeping your staff safe, our forklift clamps and grabbers allow your forklift operators to control, and move pallet loads efficiently with ease. Clamps and grabbers are designed to provide additional support for your forklift in transporting heavy loads to hard to reach areas of the warehouse.

Our Range Of Forklift Clamps & Grabbers

What Are Forklift Clamp & Grabber Attachments Used For?

Forklift clamps and grabbers are commonly used for a range of applications in industrial, commercial, logistics, recycling, warehouse and manufacturing environments.

They are great for lifting barrels, bins, crates and tyres. Their main advantage is their ability to easily manoeuvre products of varying weights and sizes. This is due to the clamps wingspan to extend beyond the width of the forklift, or narrow down to fit small pallet sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • 180 or 360 degrees rotation
  • Capacity ranging from 2.5 tonnes +
  • Strong construction and durabilityPerfect for handling awkward loads

Improve Safety And Reduce Wear

Forklift clamps and grabbers make for a great choice when it comes to staff safety, and operational efficiency. Due to their design and durable construction, both attachments will reduce the wear and tear on pallets and product. They also significantly reduce the risk of injury to your workers and onsite staff, with full visibility around the forklift.

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