New Forklifts to Purchase in Melbourne

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Hangcha’s manufacturing vision is to provide clients with the highest quality product for handling the ins-and-outs of heavy-lifting logistics on a daily basis, and along with the range of used/ secondhand Forklifts Two Bay Forks have available to buy or rent, we are also the supplier and proud certified distributor of a range of new internal combustion and electric Hangcha forklifts and warehouse equipment in Melbourne.

With an extensive list of high-profile clients/ businesses using Hangcha Forklifts and warehouse equipment, Hangcha is the world leader in forklifts thanks to their reliability, cost and effectiveness. Their proven track record has been gained by leading the way in forklift production and innovation for over 45 years, and Hangcha’s advanced manufacturing Centres ensure quality, precision parts and processing.

Sturdy and Reliable Forklifts

Two Bay Fork’s new Hangcha Forklifts are sturdy and reliable and they won’t let you down. Our Hangcha Forklift collection includes: diesel, LPG petrol forklifts and battery electric models, side loading forklifts, warehouse trucks and tow tractors.

  • The range of Internal Combustion (IC) Engines/ Models begin at 1 – 3.5 tonne and finish at 20 – 25 tonne rated capacity.
  • The range of Electric models range from 1 – 3.5 tonne versions to the heavier 4 – 5 tonne four wheel Empty Container Handlers (ECH).
  • Lift heights range from 3 – 8 metres across the range of all Forklift models.

Features and Benefits of Hangcha Forklifts

  • 1 year parts and labour warranty.
  • Chassis steel made of Australian iron ore.
  • Engines manufactured in Japan by Nissan.
  • Dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system (Diesel & Gas)
  • Modifications available on all models.
  • Exceptional turning circles.
  • High capacity radiators.
  • LCD display for forklift functions.
  • Swing-down gas bottle on LPG models.
  • Operator-sensing system that locks unattended machines.
  • Cushion mounted full floating cabin. Reduces vibration and pressure on the lower back promoting operator comfort and productivity.
  • Hangcha certifications: ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification (since 1995) and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification (since 2002).

Need to hire a forklift, a hand pallet jack or a safety cage for a few days? Phone us on 03 9768 2345 or enquire online to see how we can help you.

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