Gas, Petrol, & Diesel Forklifts

Like your car or truck, which uses fuel to operate, the internal combustion (IC) of a forklift works very much in a similar fashion using either a Compressed Natural Gas (CPG), Petrol, or Diesel. Due to the efficiency of the IC Engine, it has made this the most common type of forklift engine across multiple industries, and thus a great option to rent/lease or buy.

As we move into a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious modern world, the Electric Forklift is your option of choice, but there are areas of the Internal Combustion Forklift engine, which cannot be overlooked:

Forklift Running Costs

Due to IC Forklifts being the industry standard for so long, buying or renting/leasing one of our heavy-duty machines will cost you less to start off with. Note, that Gas and Diesel forklift options are cheaper to purchase, however, have higher maintenance and fuel costs, and more expensive to maintain than the Electric models.

Refuelling IC engines, are less time-consuming in comparison to their electric counterparts, therefore cutting down on time in this area, allowing for a faster return to duty for the forklift, which includes the gas forklift models. These require tank bottle changing, but is still more efficient than the Electric forklift.

Below are some additional points about our Electric Forklifts

  • Powerful yet efficient engines
  • Easy to inspect and maintain
  • Avoid battery recharge, shortage downtime
  • Good for heavy lifting
  • Comfortable and easy operation
  • Commonly used outdoor lifting
  • Operates well in all weather
  • Gas forklifts can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Gas models require tank bottle changing
  • The IC acceleration levels and lift speeds exceed the performance of electric models.

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