Electric Forklifts

Electric Counter Balance Forklifts: Electric Forklifts

By definition, an electric forklift is powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion (IC) engine, using either rechargeable industrial batteries or fuel cells.

The electric forklift is generally used to lift and shift medium-to-heavy materials over short distances, and due to the stability the battery provides, makes it more manoeuvrable than that of the LPG or Diesel models.

One of the attractions for electric forklift operators and owners, is it’s low operating costs compared to that of the Internal Combustion Engine, Gas, and Petrol-powered variations of the forklift. Recharging the battery costs less than replacing the LPG bottles or filling the tank with petrol or diesel.

Due to the forklift’s electric power source, the carbon emissions are reduced significantly, making for a more environmentally-friendly machine. Coupled with the emission reduction, these machines are generally much quieter to operate too, making it suitable for indoor environments.

Below are a some additional points about our Electric Forklifts:

  • Higher purchase price than fuel powered, but lower operating costs due to effective battery source
  • Requires a compatible charger for the battery and space for a battery charging station
  • Reduced noise
  • Generally more manoeuvrable than fuel engine power forklifts, due to their battery providing stability when moving
  • Generally easier to operate than fuel powered forklifts

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