Forklift Rotators

Improve your warehouse operations and efficiency with a forklift rotator. Rotators enhance the functionality of your forklift by enabling the operator to rotate and empty loads quickly and easily. Handy for emptying bins, loose materials and heavy duty items.

Our range of rotators features:

  • 180 or 360 degrees rotation
  • Capacity ranging from 1.5 Tonnes +
  • Continuous rotation in both directions
  • Excellent visibility for drivers.

Additional options are also available. Side stabilisers, fork side restraints, heavy duty faceplate and many more. We can also source a specific forklift rotator type with the precise configurations and benefits that you’re looking for.

We have a selection of 180 and 360 degree forklift rotators available. Shop online or come in and talk to one of our specialists.

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